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Welcome to our website!
Our civic association is preparing a film
Rose and sword.
According to the book of the same name.

There is about people who love history, particularly the Middle Ages and chivalry.

The main character is a girl who has to choose the right one to decide what and who to believe. Find a purpose in life. Her decision to change not only her own life, and culminates drama.

Love, relationships, faith and prejudices are the main themes.

We want to make the film, which is missing in the Christian production not only in the Czech Republic. By focusing the theme.


About us

Our filmmaking team is of semi-professionals and amateurs, and cooperate with XTV and with Dokořán initiative.

For example, among the actors is  Zuzana Janků and Martina Orgoníková from the theater KVAS. Other actors are bikers from traveler biker club SCRC. In the film will be a group of historical fencing  Canimus surdis.

Our team is unique in that it overcomes the prejudices of our time; among us are Christians from different churches and atheists.
We are from different towns from CR. From example Karviná, Havířov, Zlín, Vsetín etc.

We all work for free.


You can support us:

Therefore, we need your support and thank you for your willingness and cooperation in this work.

FROM 11.4. 2013  WE HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT IN FIO Bank, which is transparent.  ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2600403566/2010


We accept small donations. Due to expensive incoming payments, do not send less than 15 USD (outside the eurozone).


Thank you very much!


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